Stack Door

The Stack Door installs on virtually any type of building, saving money and space. Stack Doors have been specified for aircraft hangars, tee hangers, industrial and agricultural buildings...even floating barges.

The Horton STOL Conversion will give the advantage of taking-off and landing at a slower speed, the ability to get out of grass strips easier, obtain better performance at high altitudes, with better aileron control at low speeds, reduce the tendency to spin and reduce the stall speed.
Flight Bonus

Horton FLIGHT BONUS Kits - STC'd and PMA approved modifications. Move your Cessna Skylane into the fast lane.
Aileron / Flap Gap Seals

Aileron and flap gap seals refine airflow around your airplane. Improve aileron and flap performance along with speed benefits.
Wingtips & Fairings

Get high quality replacement fiberglass wingtips and fairings.


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