Horton Stack Door Testimonials

"This has to be one of the most efficient, and neatest crating jobs I've ever seen, everything is banded up on the big pallet with spacer blocks. The door sections are pinned together at their hinges. The doors are already skinned with the smoke grey translucent acrylic fiberglass sheeting.

The door track is set inside the doors thus out of the weather, eliminating many of the problems with them, and the ball bearing rollers on the doors make pushing them a breeze."
- Charles Hanna -     (
More on Charles's Hangar)

"Horton Doors Everything They are Stacked up to be."
- J. Kernan -

"The doors take absolutely zero space when open. The building columns intrude more than the doors. They are easy and safe for all to operate. The amount of light that comes in when they are closed is wonderful. Thanks for a Great Product."
- Dave Abbott -

"The door is working great and we love it."
- Don Crum -

"It's a great door, if I should ever build another hanger I'll call you."
- Cecil Cook -

"Many Thanks for all your help, I have been enjoying my Stack Door."
- Jim Kniese -

"I am very pleased with your door, and have Received many compliments. Thank you for a perfect addition to a great hangar."
- Joe Gagliardi -

"I am well satisfied with the door. I think installation was easier than a bifold would have been, and the instructions were good. I especially like the sturdy hand grips designed in the door for latching, so people won't be pulling on the latch handles."
- Robert Beckman -

"Our doors are installed and we are completely satisfied. What a pleasure it is to be able to open a 21' X 12' door with one finger. Also I wish to thank you for the ample supply of hardware that you furnished and the very simple instructions were easy to follow to erect our doors."
- Tom Lehman -

"Thanks for a great set of doors. They went up with ease. Total installation was about eight hours with two people. They fit like a glove. Not only do I love them, but everyone that sees them. They are worth every penny."
- Bill Coker -

"I am extremely pleased with the doors and the ease of installation. They are exactly what I wanted and they work just as advertised. Everyone who has seen them also thinks the same. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a large opening to cover. The service I received was also excellent and your toll free number came in handy when I had questions. Once again thank you for your great work."
- Edward O'Connor -

"I have been associated with aviation for over 50 years. This past summer I installed Stack Doors. I would like to relay to you that not only are your doors the best looking and best operating I have ever owned, they furnish a 20 degree Fahrenheit minimum temperature rise in the winter.

I put these doors up facing the South to try to obtain heating in the winter. They produce plenty of light and consistently furnish a minimum of 20 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rise over the outside temperature during the day. Yesterday the OAT was 55 degrees Fahrenheit and inside, without any energy use, the temperature was 78 degrees Fahrenheit."
- Raymond Keasler -

We live in an airpark and put a Stack Door on our first hangar about 5 years ago.  We decided to sell that hangar and house and have put up another hangar in the same airpark with another Stack Door.  My wife and I were able to put up that door with no difficulties.  We are always happy to show off the door and encourage others to look into buying a Stack Door.  Jerry Fisher


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